About us

Scelza & Montano works efficiently in all the areas of corporate law including international and investment law. Notwithstanding its activity in the traditional practice areas such as commercial, civil and criminal law, at present, the firm stands out in the market for its specialization in sectors that represent significant challenges for Uruguay, such as renewable energy law, construction and industrial assembly contracts for mega investments, collective and individual labor relations, logistic chain contracts, as well as the financing of all these activities.


The size and structure of the Firm allows working with a selected number of clients, where the senior partners are at all times directly involved with the matters that are entrusted with. The professionals of the firm maintain an intense interaction with the persons requiring the services, with full commitment for the solution of the matter in question.

Both corporations and individual persons find at Scelza & Montano a team of professionals that work side by side with the client.

Confidence and efficiency

Thanks to the deep knowledge in the specialization areas and commitment for service, the Firm has gained confidence from the clients. Furthermore, all the members of the Firm adhere to the high ethical standards of their profession. The clients, colleagues and authorities have recognized the versatility and loyalty of the firm members in day-to-day-work, which lead to solve the problems with minimum conflicts and saving expenses. On the other hand, the Firm is also recognized for achieving remarkable results in the area of litigation.

Expertise, engagement, trust and effectiveness are the principles of the Firm applied to meet the needs of our clients.

International Network

Despite the firm does not have formal ties on an exclusivity basis with firms abroad, it enjoys excellent collaborative relationship with US, European and regional firms. For example, the firm has relations with CAA JURIS EUROPAE. Furthermore, in the last 10 years, the firm has been receiving interns from different countries including: Germany, France and Poland.