Scelza & Montano receives interns from different countries for more than 10 years. Based on the experience gained by many of our members in foreign countries, a network of young persons applying for internship in the Firm was created in a spontaneous way. In most of the cases, this kind of skill practice and research training is part of the curricula at some universities. This Firm welcomes students and young colleagues who wish to develop their first labor experience, encouraging their training and contributing with society, in a personal and detailed manner.

Ndeye Fatow Diouf, (University of Nantes, France)

“Between April and July 2017, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Scelza & Montano, which allowed me to prepare the final thesis to acheve my comparative law degree. The thesis is about transport law. Definitively, it has been an enriching experience for both my personal life and my professional development. The internship enabled me to discover the Uruguayan law in many aspects, the way Courts operate in Uruguay and also to improve my Spanish language skills”.

Pía-Sophie Hartmetz (Germany)

“In 2010 I had the opportunity to be accepted as an intern during three months at the law firm Scelza & Montano. Such experience was greatly rewarding, because I learned about the labor practice of Uruguay and I could master my Spanish language. In addition, it encouraged me to continue studying law and notarial course in Germany. Now I’m working in Germany and the reference of my internship in the Firm was a plus to me”.

Florencia Gamarra (University of Montevideo, Uruguay)

“The experience of internship at the law firm “Scelza & Montano” was enriching as I was a student, not only from the point of view of acquiring practice and knowledge, but also to grow up as a person. I was incorporated to the Firm to perform the day to day duties, and I had the opportunity to be trained in those areas that I had interest and I worked side by side with the senior professionals that handled the cases.

They offered me a wide array of tasks, and in addition to learning from the daily duties of the professional lawyers, they allowed me to express my ideas and ask questions and clear my doubts.

It was in this Law Firm that I had my first contact with a legal case and entered the court room, attended a hearing and I was involved with the drafting of legal writings. I had my “first foundation” to become a future professional at this Firm.”

Ewelina Jasnowska (Warmińsko-Mazurski University of Olsztyn, Poland)

“The internship at the Firm opened to me a completely new perspective. I found the possibility of a scientific development in a dynamic and independent way. During my three months of internship, with the great help of the lawyers of the Firm, I gained knowledge mainly in the areas of Medical Law, Private International Law and on Renewable Energies. It was an unforgettable experience both from the labor point of view and personal growth”.

Magdalena Silva (Uruguay)

“It was a highly positive experience from the personal and professional point of view. I am deeply grateful to the Firm for providing me the opportunity of the internship. The Firm is composed by excellent professionals, but above all, it is a great family.

As an intern, I expanded my legal vocabulary and learned how to draft correctly the legal documents, applying carefulness and clear concepts using clarifying arguments for the judge and the counterparty.

I gained experience in the area of medical law, and particularly, I value the sense of respect and commitment that characterize the members of the Firm in their relationship with the clients”.