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Scelza & Montano is recognized by Chambers and Partners

Once again, the British guide Chambers and Partners acknowledges Scelza & Montano as a leading firm of Projects & Energy.

They introduce our practice area as follows: “Well-regarded department noted for its activity in Uruguay’s projects sphere, frequently assisting key local construction clients with project development. Regularly retained to advise on the financing, construction and operation of major infrastructure projects. Expertise spans PPP structures and other public works contracts, with a strong focus on investments in the transport arena”.

As strengths, quoting clients’ feedback of our service, the guide points out two aspects that are crucial for our firm: “They understand and share our company’s philosophy and values”. “Their service is excellent and professional, and they provide almost immediate answers”.

We take the opportunity to deeply thank our clients for their trust, our team for their commitment and passion, and our colleagues for their acknowledgement.

Berkes acquisition of BWE

Berkes has just accomplished another milestone in its business history. Days ago, Berkes closed the acquisition of BWE, the biomass power generation boiler business unit, of the Danish company BWSC Burmeister& Wein Scandinavian Contractor (seller). The transaction represents a significant landmark for our client, and therefore, we take opportunity to congratulate its entire team.

Scelza & Montano –together with local Danish advisers- advised Berkes (purchaser) throughout the M&A transaction process.

Workshop about constructor’s liability in the uruguayan construction chamber

On April 4, 2019, it was held a workshop about constructor’s liability considering the recent reform to Section 1844 of the Uruguayan Civil Code.

Dr. Gonzalo Lorenzo was in charge of the workshop, which was attended by engineers, architects and lawyers from companies members of the Chamber of Construction of Uruguay (CCU).

We kindly thank the CCU for trusting in the firm for the organization of this event. 

Presentation of the book: Legal forms to start-up

On November 14th, 2017, at ORT University, it was presented the book: “LEGAL FORMS TO START-UP, Manual to define the proper legal structure”, published by Fundación de Cultura Universitaria, and written by Mr. Pedro Bellocq, member of the firm, together with Mr. Alejandro Grilli (Head of Attention and Assistance Division of the Tax Collector Office).

The book was presented by Mr. Álvaro Romano (Deputy General Director of the Tax Collector Office) and by Mr. Joaquín Morixe (Managing Director of Endeavor Uruguay).

The book was sponsored by Uruguay XXI ( , the Investment and Export Promotion Agency.

On this link there is some further information about the event:


Dr. Pedro Montano and Dr. Gonzalo Lorenzo elected associated members of the IACL

The International Academy of Comparative Law was founded at The Hague on 13 September 1924, with the aim of bringing together prestigious academics in order to promote the comparative studies in all disciplines. Its foundation was part of the efforts to boost the international legal cooperation, which was an essential factor in the search of enduring peace after the World War I. Currently, the Academy has more than seven hundred members.

In August 2017, Dr. Pedro Montano and Dr. Gonzalo, both partners of the firm, were elected as associated members of the institution, which represents a recognition of prominent colleagues across the globe, but above all, a commitment of collaboration and work in the international field contributing to the achievement of the purposes of the Academy.

We share the link with further information:


First postgraduate course of Shipping Law in Uruguay

The School of Law of Universidad de Montevideo approached Dr. Gonzalo Lorenzo, as expert of Shipping Law and Professor of International Private Law, the organization of the first postgraduate course of Shipping Law held in Uruguay. The course offered will be enhanced by the contribution of distinguished guest speakers. The course will take place from 3 November to 3 December 2015.


Cobra taps Crédit Agricole for Uruguayan wind farm financing

Uruguayan firm Scelza & Montano has helped Spain’s Cobra Group secure long-term project financing from France’s Crédit Agricole to fund construction of the Kiyú wind farm in the south of the country.

Counsel to Cobra Group

In-house counsel – Ignacio Elizalde and Rafael Belinchon

Scelza & Montano

Partner Ignacio Torres and associates Pedro Bellocq Montano and Gastón Fernández in Montevideo

Counsel to Crédit Agricole

Clifford Chance LLP

Partner José Guardo and associates Humberto Pérez, Alejandro León and Ana Cano in Madrid, partner Fabricio Longhin and special legal consultant Alberto Haito in Washington, DC and associate Greg Kahn in New York

Jiménez de Aréchaga, Viana & Brause

Partner Nicolas Herrera Alonso and associates Cecilia Comas and Mariela Ruanova in Montevideo.

Construction of a Liquid Fertilizer Terminal in Nueva Palmira (Colonia, Uruguay).

Construction of a Liquid Fertilizer Terminal in Nueva Palmira (Colonia, Uruguay).

Factoril S.A. is another client of the Firm that is undertaking the construction and mounting of the biggest tank farm and terminal in Nueva Palmira, Colonia.

Scelza & Montano worked with Factoril S.A. in the construction and mounting contracts, and in the signature and registration of deeds related to the land where the project is located.

ULOG (Transmundo S.A.) has carried the most important structures for the renewable energy projects.

ULOG (Transmundo S.A.) has carried the most important structures for the renewable energy projects, such as the wind farms and steam production by burning biomass. Some of the remarkable projects shipped by Ulog are as follows:

  • UPM Pulp Mill (formerly Botnia, in Fray Bentos – Panprojects)
  • Weyerhaeuser 2nd Production Line (Tacuarembó – UPS)
  • General Electric Power Generator Plant /UTE (Punta del Tigre – Intermarine)
  • Vestas Wind Farm/UTE (Cerro de Los Caracoles – Spliethoff/BBC – 10WTG)
  • Wärtsilä power plant/UTE (Batlle Power Plant, Montevideo – Fracht)
  • Nordic Wind Farm/Nuevo Manantial (Nuevo Manantial – 3WTG)
  • Vestas Wind Farm/ Kentilux – La Magdalena (ULOG – 5WTG)
  • Areva-Alstom Power Conversion/UTE (Melo – Bertling)
  • Three-phase transformers (25-63MVA)/UTE
  • NedWind Wind Farm NW40/ (Nuevo Manantial – 18WTG)

Scelza & Montano has assisted ULOG for the different logistic contracts and charter parties.

Urutug (Lirio Blanco S.A.) has purchased and registered under Uruguayan flag special tug boats.

Urutug (Lirio Blanco S.A.) has purchased and registered under Uruguayan flag special tug boats, to provide services in the ports of Uruguay, particularly to serve Montes del Plata to enable the entrance of cargo ships in the Port of Punta Pereira to unload wood pulp. Such tug boats introduce the best technology for such task in this country.

Scelza & Montano assisted Urutug for the purchase and registration of the tug boats and in the financial contract with the banks that supported the project.